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As The Energy Industry Evolves, AGL Must Adapt And Innovate

As an industry leader, AGL is committed to developing innovative and personalized solutions that put power back into the hands of the people who really count - its customers. Continuous innovation is critical to its mission to make energy - alongside other essential services - simple, fair and transparent.


Refarm 3G Spectrum To Make Way For 5G Networks

Thanks to growing investment in the ultra-fast 5G network, we will soon experience a new way of communicating, operating and living. What’s uncertain, however, is how communications service providers (CSPs) will commit to the additional 5G spectrum, simplify IT, and phase out 2G and 3G networks.



Rigs, which are critical and integral to business, are located in remote and hostile environmental conditions and pose safety hazards. Oil and gas companies need to mitigate injuries, damages, and costly human errors, resulting in downtime. Hence, they need to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into the learning curve for rig operations. The same technology can be used to train offshore platform operators and refinery operators.

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Achieve Faster Turnaround Times For Rig Development Programs. Find Out How

Our Solution

We adopt learning and best practices from related industry verticals to successfully deliver complex solutions, and leverage capabilities across multiple technologies in areas such as:

O&G well drilling system equipment

Migration and reverse engineering

Electrical engineering of new rigs

Joint patents development

IT product development, support, and enhancement

We deliver faster turnaround times for rig development programs and quality deliverables in the areas of rig control systems, namely your Integrated Rig Control System and Rig Simulator programs, to build modular and standardized PLC codes and prototypes for rig simulators in quick time.


Leverage our capabilities across multiple technologies

Learn from related industry verticals

Develop joint patents to innovate

Tap our capabilities in migration and reverse engineering

Monitor your drilling rig processes with our IT solutions

Build a prototype for your rig simulator quickly

Deliver faster turnaround times for your rig development programs

Automate your rigs with intelligent rig control systems

Improved time-to-market

Improved monetization of infrastructure by exposing investments to partners

Reduced operational expenditure through outcome-based managed services

Enhanced revenue streams with quicker go-to-market

Ability to scale OSS with an open structure

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