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The Blockchain Technology Will Create Ripples In The High Tech Industry

While blockchain is set to make great strides all across, the reception it gets from industry players ranges from skepticism to absolute confidence. In this edition of ‘HiTech Insights’, we seek to explore how this disruptive technology is likely to mold the future of the high tech industry. We discuss how blockchain can be adopted by high tech companies


Embracing Intelligent Hiring Driven By AI-Led Automation

Candidate acquisition and sourcing are the topmost priorities in the staffing industry as firms are affected by high churn rates due to low unemployment. One solution to address such recruitment challenges is to implement an integrated analytical platform that leverages AI. It can provide crucial insights to employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates to make the right hiring decisions.



In the digital age, businesses need to be leaner and faster to survive and lead market trends. This is especially true in the technology sector. High tech companies are adopting cloud technologies to boost operating efficiency and increase flexibility in the way they provide service to stakeholders. However, shifting to cloud involves understanding the implications on workflow and operations, an audit of existing architecture, and an understanding of how services can be managed using cloud.

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Improving Business And Market Base Through Cloud Coverage.

Our Solution

Our Cloud Solutions consist of services that advise, build, execute, and manage a company’s services using cloud optimized delivery architectures. Here are key cloud-based services:

Hybrid Cloud: Companies can anchor legacy systems and hosting issues on premise.

Advisory Services: Analysis of a company’s business and IT portfolio. We recommend the appropriate cloud architecture suited to customers’ regulatory, cost, and technology constraints.

Cloud Architecture Services: Our application and platform architectures for cloud development and deployment.

Containerization of Services: Container based virtualization to deliver underlying compute resources as service from cloud platform.

Dev-Ops Services: Agile technologies on a cloud-based architecture to deliver development artifacts.

Managed Services: Strategic methods for onboarding, provisioning and managing workloads on cloud.


Spot potentially costly services and prevent budget overruns

Use data to build a holistic analytics view of company’s resources and customers

Examine both usage and billing data

Eliminate large hardware and software related capital expenditures

Reduce cost and risks in entering new markets through pay per use technologies

Enhance customer experience through agility, low costs, and free access

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