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Benefiting From Converging Value Chains Navigating Digital Transformation Is Complex. Let Us Be Your GPS.


Transforming News Coverage And Publishing Business

The digitalization of print media being the way forward and since then the trend has only accelerated. Consequently, many publishing houses chose to suspend or even stop print editions. Tribune Publishing, with its large network of local and regional news outlets, saw a 293 per cent increase in digital subscription sales in March 2020.


Refarm 3G Spectrum To Make Way For 5G Networks

Thanks to growing investment in the ultra-fast 5G network, we will soon experience a new way of communicating, operating and living. What’s uncertain, however, is how communications service providers (CSPs) will commit to the additional 5G spectrum, simplify IT, and phase out 2G and 3G networks.



Data is the currency of the digital world. Consumerization of IT has resulted in explosion of data being generated. Communications, Media and Technology companies are struggling with diversity and richness of data being generated as their customers consume their products and services digitally. Turning this organization wide data into actionable insights and leveraging them to develop new products and services for enhanced customer experience is key for future growth of CMT companies.

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Translate Data Into Actionable Insights.

Our Solution

Enterprise Data Management: We help companies create, manage, and disseminate data for all applications and processes. We ensure that our data management complies with regulatory framework. Our services also include master and metadata management.

Data Integration, Reporting, and Visualization: With these services, companies can integrate data from various resources. This ensures that no information is missed out and companies get a holistic view of data. With proprietary tools, Cosmik System also helps in converting data into easy-to-interpret visual reports and dashboards.

Analytics, Insights, and Intelligence: We provide generic or customized services involving Big Data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Such services help understand customer datasets to spot trends, and identify opportunities for growth.


Provide single source of truth to base decisions on

Ensure consistency and quality of data being used for analytics

Eliminate data retrieval problems

Make decisions more efficiently with highly visual representation of data

Use social media analytics such as media and behavioral analytics

Provide personalization to connect with viewers

Track quality of content and viewership and get targeted advertising

Help uncover new revenue streams

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