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A Solution That Makes Governance And Government Service Delivery Seamless

Government systems are often perceived as dinosaurs -- slow, bulky and outdated. For far too long and far too often, we have seen government departments plagued by the following problems: the use of multiple URLs; sub-optimal utilization of taxpayers’ money; high bring down administrative costs; and ineffective service delivery.


A One-Stop Solution For Seamlessness At The Workplace

Time-consuming manual administrative tasks, siloed legacy infrastructure systems, and non-compliance with government procedure manualsimpact work efficiency. Other obstacles include lack of digital analytical capabilities, which hampers employee collaboration. And last but the least, paper wastage and managing license cost for office functions are many challenges in ensuring seamlessness in tasks, at the workplace.



Digital strategy in a Business 4.0-aligned environment demands that organizations, especially in public services, optimize limited resources and align their transformation agenda with their business policies, processes, models, the needs of internal and external stakeholders and technologies. Leveraging an enterprise framework that can act as an IT enabler is therefore important.

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Our Solution



A 360-Degree, Scalable Enterprise Platform To Spur Public Service Organizations' Digital Transformation

Our Solution

It can be easily integrated with existing or third-party applications, while ensuring successful configuration of new business processes or proof of concepts for any domain. It helps transform legacy systems and integrates processes or internal systems that work in silos keeping in mind the needs of all stakeholders in an organization – be it management, employees, clients, investors, partners, suppliers and so on. The DigiGOV Framework is a comprehensive solution to manage a public service organization’s need. The implementations within the framework include: A self-service portal, workflow and case management, analytics and dashboards, security framework, authentication, and a search engine.


Industry presence: Presence for the past 20 years, an over 20-million user base across more than 100 implementations in 9 countries.

No. 1 agile companion: Helps leverage an agile delivery approach to configure business processes in 30, 60 or 90 days.

Technology stack and standards: Technology expertise across Java and J2EE architecture

Zero industry or domain boundaries: Ensures rapid configuration of business processes

Customer- and trends-driven roadmap: Around 90% of DigiGOV’s roadmap items are based on continuous customer feedback and customer experience.

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