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Transportation And Logistics

Few times in history have Logistics and Supply Chain seen stronger winds of change from all perspectives. The emergence of new age digital technologies and innovative business models is transforming the logistics and supply-chain landscape drastically. By leveraging these technologies and enabling innovation, there is an opportunity for 3PLs, Freight Forwarders, LSPs and Shippers to differentiate themselves and get an edge over their competitors.



Our hospitality practice enables hotels, resorts, vacation ownership & timeshare and cruise companies to improve business competitiveness. We offer end to end solutions and services to hospitality customers that includes Guest Experience Management, Customer Relationship, Core Operations, and Corporate IT & Back Office. We have helped our hospitality customers to improve operational efficiency, reduce operational cost, improve guest experience and increase revenue.



Airline operations are complex, siloed, manually driven and lacking collaboration. This leads to the absence of a holistic view and suboptimal decisions causing inefficiencies, heavy costs and customer dissatisfaction. With fast evolving business priorities, operation models and traveler expectations, airlines are well positioned to play a crucial role in shaping nimble digital aviation ecosystems. These ecosystems must foster improved collaboration and interoperability ensuring efficient operations and enriched customer experience in the industry.

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Our Solution


Digital Opportunities For Travel And Hospitality

Our Solution

We adopt learning and best practices from related industry verticals to successfully deliver complex solutions, and leverage capabilities across multiple technologies in areas such as:

New Core Platform: Enables near real-time, unified and connected view of operations to augment optimal decisions

Connected Journey Suite: Enables proactive customer engagement and manage service deviations in near real time

Smart Turn: Provides full visibility into aircraft turnaround and identify causalities to improve turnaround efficiency

Smart Maintenance: Forecasts maintenance requirements based on operational intelligence to minimize Aircraft On Ground (AOG)

Resource Uberization: Dynamically allocates resources based on varying operational demands

IOCC Discovery and Resolve: Enables manage by exceptions for OCC to act on right priority


Responsive airline operations

Faster recovery

Improved on time performance

Improved productivity

Enriched customer experience

Improved operational efficiency

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